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Product Management Intern


Product Full Time

Taskade (YC S19) is building real-time collaboration for distributed teams, starting with tasks. We are a team of startup veterans obsessed about improving team collaboration, workflow, and productivity. At Taskade, you’ll have the chance to work with a small, closely knit team and make a big impact on our product, business, and engineering efforts.

  • We are looking for a product manager with strong writing and communication skills to help us work through tough, multifaceted problems. This includes managing the weekly milestones to ship and deliver product updates on time, and creating content and guides for the product.
  • We’re a small team, and in order for us to thrive we need members who have the drive and ability to work on a wide array of problems, with a passion for productivity tools and apps.
We value “T-shaped” people. That is, people who are both generalists (highly skilled at a broad set of valuable things—the top of the T) and also experts (among the best in their field within a narrow discipline—the vertical leg of the T). An expert who is too narrow has difficulty collaborating. A generalist who doesn’t go deep enough in a single area ends up on the margins, not really contributing as an individual.

To learn more about who we are, our culture, and whether Taskade is the right place for you, please contact [email protected]

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