Software Engineer, New Grad


Software Engineer Full Time

What we're looking for

We’d particularly like to get to know you if:

  • you have a strong background in computer science or a related field
  • you are eager to continuously learn and improve
  • you communicate with clarity and precision. We care about this almost as much as your technical ability.
  • you're passionate, even if it's not about analytics. There should be something you know more about than anyone on our team.
  • you like fruit, sunshine, and bad jokes. We aren't robots.

What we're building

Under the hood, Heap is powered by node.js, Scala, Spark, ZooKeeper, Kafka, and CitusDB. Our app-layer stack is TypeScript, React, mobx, Redis, and PostgreSQL.

We're working on:

  • Real-time infrastructure. We support an expressive set of queries that allow our users to slice and dice their data in arbitrary ways. The results need to come back with sub-second latencies. We also support materializing massive retroactive datasets into our customers' cloud data warehouses. We're working on a new distributed infrastructure to make this possible.
  • Data capture. We want to provide our users with the richest possible dataset. That means building new integrations (like Android), capturing more semantic data (like A/B test groups), and pulling in data from other sources (like Stripe). All of this has to happen with virtually no performance cost or integration overhead.
  • Data visualization. Building Heap is as much a design problem as anything else. The most powerful analytics infrastructure in the world doesn't matter if our users can't access that power and understand the results.
Our HQ is in SF, and we have an office in New York, but a large part of our engineering team is remote. We cover relocation costs, and can sponsor visas. We'd love to hear from you, no matter where you are!