Hardware Product Marketing, Intern (Summer)


Marketing Internship

The role of the UK Hardware Product Marketing Intern is to implement go-to-market strategy based on a comprehensive understanding of the customer; to ensure that cross-functional partners (Product, Marketing, Communications, Creative, Packaging, and customer-facing teams) share that understanding; to improve the conversion funnel for in-market products; and to ensure that product/our decisions incorporate our customer insights.

Your role will include some combination of the following activities focused on the UK market.

  • Inform product roadmap and product marketing plans for our hardware portfolio in the UK, including a review of Square Register, our most recently launched product
  • Identify target customers, understand their needs through surveys, interviews, and other research, and ensure that products will meet those needs at the right price
  • Develop quarterly marketing plans for sustained product growth, partnering with local marketing team and customer-facing teams to maximise Return on investment and ensure that marketing is on-message
  • Implement pricing and marketing tests to inform future strategy.
  • Review UK competitive offerings and guide ongoing differentiation
  • Help customer-facing teams to serve customers through development of product marketing and training materials