Software Engineer at Genesys (Indianapolis, IN) (allows remote)

Genesys (Indianapolis, IN)

Software Engineer Full Time

Are you someone who likes to solve complicated problems using cutting-edge technology? If so, this job might be for you.

What this role is:

You will design, develop, and test features to enhance the Genesys Salesforce integrations. You will also be responsible for building and maintaining our integration ecosystem. You will have the opportunity to build deep integrations with other telephony providers, customer relationship management software, and the AWS ecosystem.

What this role isn’t:

As a Software Engineer, you will be responsible for day-to-day development and maintenance of your team’s features. This role isn’t building html templates or simple single page sites. You will be creating complex features from design to the actual deployment of your work.

What you’ll bring to the table:

To be successful, you need to have a strong understanding of modern web user interface frameworks and REST API solutions. We need people who are strong problem solvers that want to make significant contributions to our team and product. You need to be curious and keep abreast of new tools and technology. Being resourceful and detail-oriented is also a key to success on our team.

Some details about what you will do:

· Standup with the team for open communication, idea sharing, supporting other team members, answering questions.

· Participate in code reviews as a way to learn and grow as well as to help your team members learn by providing helpful feedback.

· Develop integrations with Salesforce.

· Unit, integration, and manually test code that you've developed.

· Look for areas of improvement, with the code, architecture, and infrastructure.

· Answer questions for other team members.

· Openly communicate progress and concerns.

 Minimum Requirements:

· You’ll need 3+ years of relative JavaScript experience. The more experience you have with Ember, Angular, Node, or React the better.

· You also need to understand REST APIs.

· You will be part of the team from day 1 so you need to contribute to the group.

· The problems we are trying to solve aren’t easy. You need to be willing to step in and help find solutions to the complex challenges.

· We don’t just lock ourselves in the office all day. Having strong communication skills is a must for our team.