Senior DevOps Engineer at MITRE (Bedford, MA)


Software Engineer Full Time

MITRE’s Enterprise Computing, Information, and Security Center is seeking a Senior DevOps Engineer.  This position is an exciting and challenging opportunity for a motivated technical candidate seeking to be part of a collaborative team that leverages automation to deliver infrastructure services for the organization. This specific role will work with the internal automation team to bring aspects of this program to our classified infrastructure. Within the first 180 days of employment we expect this person to be able to achieve a Security+ Certification.

Key Functions

  • Automation of System Tasks via PowerShell / BASH / Ruby / etc.

  • Architect and deploy our enterprise Configuration Management Framework (Chef Ecosystem) into new and possibly air-gapped environments.

  • Lead Peer review of industry/corporate code for best practices around compliance management, automated testing, and configuration management.

  • Participation in an Agile development team

  • Understands software testing like Chef InSpec, Pester, etc.

  • Lead small project teams to support infrastructure scalability and performance.

  • Ability to work escalated vendor support cases to resolution.

  • Project focused tasking and support with day-to-day operational responsibilities.

Required Skills:

  • Experience writing code in PowerShell or BASH.

  • Experience with debugging code.

  • Use of either CHEF, Ansible, Puppet, PowerShell DSC

  • Background with task tracking and knowledge management systems: (Jira, Confluence)

  • Understanding of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery workflows

  • Experience with version control systems/code repositories and Infrastructure as Code.

  • Software development with an object-oriented language (Ruby, .NET Framework)

  • Strong knowledge of *NIX systems

  • Basic Windows Server Operating Systems

  • Basic knowledge of Active Directory / LDAP

  • Able to independently troubleshoot issues via reading logs and searching knowledge bases

  • Knowledge of Networking (DNS, DHCP, Firewalls, CIDR Notation, etc.)

  • Knowledge of Virtualization and Physical / Virtual Hardware / Right Sizing

  • Use of PowerShell/SSH remoting to manage systems.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Familiarity with Ruby and Chef

  • Experience with continuous delivery of applications and services

  • Experience with delivering infrastructure through industry best practice of Configuration Management Frameworks (CMF) and Infrastructure-as-Code

  • Object Oriented Software development skill with a strong interest in Infrastructure Automation

  • Bachelor’s degree with 2-4 years of relevant experience