Digital Advertising Intern (Summer)


Marketing Internship

What You Will Learn:

    • Gain a deeper knowledge of digital marketing & creative strategy
    • Develop skills in marketing analytics and measurement
    • Gain exposure to, and hands-on experience with, digital advertising platforms, including how to manage large-scale budgets
    • Build an understanding of audience targeting
    • Learn how to optimize an e-commerce website for conversion
    • Develop the skills needed to audit a digital advertising strategy & give actionable recommendations
    • Develop a test-driven approach to digital marketing
    • Learn what it’s like to work on a high-performing, results-driven marketing team & how to work toward clear goals and milestones

What Your Day-to-Day Will Look Like:

    • Work directly with FightCamp’s Paid Acquisition team (the team responsible for Digital Advertising, Email Marketing & E-Commerce Strategies)
    • Learn from experts in Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Marketing & Marketing Creative Strategy
    • Ask questions about how & why we make strategic decisions
    • Use marketing analytics tools to dig in, find answers to marketing questions, and understand what’s working
    • Work with our creative team to brief & develop ads to test
    • Come up with new ideas, use data & analytics to validate your hypotheses, recommend a strategy, and put it into action
    • Work toward specific marketing goals, and prioritize projects that will have the biggest impact on those goals

Who We’re Looking for:

    • You’re eager to learn
    • You’re adaptable, able to switch gears, and love working on a variety of different subjects
    • You’re resourceful, can go out & find the answer to something you don’t know, and you’re not afraid to ask for help
    • You’re dedicated to the internship, and know that you’ll only get out what you put in
    • You love coming up with new ideas & sharing them with others
    • You’re naturally curious, and love asking questions

Must Have:

    • Excellent writing & communication skills
    • An interest in digital marketing & business
    • An interest in learning about design & marketing creatives

Bonus Points If You Have Any of These:

    • Exposure to spreadsheet programs (Google Sheets, Excel)
    • Have tried to sell something before (anything from a lemonade stand or candy bars at school to an online side hustle)