Software Engineer - iOS at Quarkworks (Columbia, MO) (allows remote)

Quarkworks (Columbia, MO)

Software Engineer Full Time

About the role

We are looking to grow our iOS team to help us expand on existing projects and take on new ones. We’re looking for experienced iOS developers who can jump in and make an impact right away.

Currently, we have a 5 person team working on post-MVP features for an app we recently released with one of our partners. This app is a small social media network for stock traders. A couple of the developers manage the iOS client while the others are working on the backend and web client. 

Many of our developers know iOS, but are currently helping on an Android project. We have several opportunities to take on new projects for iOS, but want to bolster the team so we can continue to work on our current projects as well.

What we're looking for

  • Baseline iOS/mobile experience of 2+ years. Senior/lead positions are available if you have more than this.

  • Used to working in teams with other developers.

  • Experience with any of our tools is ideal: Swift, Realm, Swift UI. Obj-C is helpful as well from time-to-time. 

  • Attention to detail, passion for coding, ability to learn or teach new things

  • Strong communication skills

Why Quark might be a good fit for you

  • Our developers often have the opportunity to switch between different projects and  clients.

  • You can gain a wealth of experience in a short time, and the things you work on will never get too stale.

  • Opportunity to learn new technologies: Android, Backend, React/Web, CI/CD, ML, etc.

  • Our company is engineer-founded. We sympathize with developers and strive to make sure relationships with clients and management are good for our team. Our leaders are fully engaged with everyone.

  • Our team is passionate about programming and passionate about life. You will actually get to know your teammates here.

  • We encourage everyone that works here to “manage upwards”. Every person has the ability to improve their situation and contribute to creating/maintaining a good culture on their teams.