Software Engineer at Trainual (Scottsdale, AZ)


Software Engineer Full Time

The Role

TL;DR You write clean code and don’t hate talking to people.

This full-stack web developer position works closely with our Product, Marketing and Customer Success teams to get things done - fast. We're looking for people that love what they do and get excited to work with a team that's shaping the future of Trainual and small businesses worldwide. 

You will be forward-thinking, with a service and growth mindset. You will be a great verbal and written communicator, a tactful diplomat, strong analyst and thorough problem solver. This could mean helping our customer success team troubleshoot a technical issue, working with our product team to plan and give input on designs. Being a small team, we all wear a lot of hats and are looking for someone who's excited to be a part of the growth. Our stack consists of Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres, JS, CoffeeScript, HAML and SCSS and is deployed to Heroku and S3. 

What you will own & improve: What you already know (Tech Lead):

  • Product & Design Collaboration: You will work closely with our product and design team to solve user problems in the training and on-boarding software space.

  • Wireframes to Features: You will own the translation of wireframes and user stories into user friendly features.

  • Communication & Leadership: As a tech lead, you will be responsible for the technical planning & execution of squad initiatives. 

  • Product Iteration: You will identify and analyze any bugs found during testing and document them.

What you already know (Engineering):

  • How to write clean, readable and dry code to build incredible software products.

  • How to work collaboratively with a small team and independently.

  • How to communicate effectively cross functionally (Product, Design, CX, etc.)

  • How to communicate technical decisions through design docs, tech talks, and README’s

  • How to proactively identify problems with requirements (lack of clarity, inconsistencies, technical limitations) for their own work and adjacent work.

  • How to effectively communicate status for projects and initiatives to squad members.

Languages & Tools We Use

  • Ruby on Rails 

  • JavaScript, jQuery & AJAX 

  • React

  • HAML, CoffeeScript and RSpec

  • Git & GitHub 

  • Heroku & S3

  • Bootstrap framework

Bonus Skills:

  • Redis

  • Elasticsearch

  • Experience with a design system

  • Experience working with SaaS products

  • B2B software experience

  • Experience with front-end frameworks

  • Experience working with back-end API's

  • Devops experience