Senior Developer with C++ at SITA (Dayton, OH)


Software Engineer Full Time

Welcome to SITA... We lead one of the most exciting and advanced industries on earth. Around the world, nearly every passenger flight relies on SITA technology, almost every airport and airline does business with us, and it’s our job to support their operations. As the world's leading air transport IT and communications specialist, we’re committed to meeting the demands of the air transport industry around the clock, every day.
Our Vision: Easy air travel every step of the way

With us, there are no limits for people looking to explore the edges of possibility and beyond. Together, we go far.

Challenge: Our people take on some of the biggest challenges in our industry. They aren't afraid to think bigger, work harder, and deliver smarter solutions that are continuously transforming air travel.

Opportunity: Taking on these challenges opens up a world of opportunities for our people. We make sure they have the chance to develop their skills, explore new horizons, and grow their careers on a global scale.

To design, develop, and maintain specific modules within an application or system using existing and emerging technology platforms.


  • Write and deliver code for features and modules, debug existing code and modules, and provide technical guidance to less experienced developers - FTEs, Contractors, Offshore Partner Resources.

  • Follow coding guidelines and practices and all technical processes and ensure they are followed by less experienced Developers.

  • Develop and validate estimates for technical work that will be undertaken.

  • On an as-needed basis assign and allocate defects to less experienced Developers.

  • Participate in the analysis of requirements for designing new applications and system features.

  • Identifies the best way to distill analyses and present findings.

  • Recognizes patterns and analogies within and among datasets.

  • Articulates the arguments for and against multiple courses of action.

  • Diagnoses data elements as important or unimportant (""signal"" or ""noise"").

  • Masters new concepts with little supervision.

  • Implements simple APIs for routine situations.

  • Creates API specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, and variables.

  • Reuses API code.

  • Selects the class definitions for APIs based on the associated possible behavior.

  • Interprets digitally formatted API documentation; describes the behavior of API functions in a human-readable format.

4 years of experience with C++
.Net core, Docker, Kubernetes, and Microservices experience is preferred

Bachelor's or Master degree in computer science or engineering