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SQL Developer - Oracle at Remedy Analytics (Milwaukee, WI)

Remedy Analytics

Full Time

As a SQL Developer at Remedy you will use data analytics to take a detailed look at complex pharmaceutical transactions and evaluate PBM performance to contract in our audit division. You will work with a cross functional team throughout the audit process, identify gaps in contractual service and generate reports for reconciliation. The audit team clarifies methodologies and conducts deeper dives into client data to uncover potential root causes of anomalies. The successful candidate is a team player who is organized, detailed oriented and pro-active.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Analyze and document how business requirements fit into existing system

  • Gather requirements and create system specifications for small, standalone projects

  • Assist in refining system specifications for complex projects

  • Create and/ or modify programs to adapt to changes in needs and requirements

  • Test coded program routines and make revisions to eliminate errors, with supervision

  • Review test results with users, completes final program documentation, and obtains approval for changes

  • Analyze issues and use judgment to make decisions

Other Responsibilities

  • Use TOAD as an Oracle querying tool to reconcile expected versus observed outcomes.

  • Performs database analysis, design and development, security support, and performance tuning

  • Develops stored procedures and/or triggers using PL/SQL

  • Identify and correct inefficient queries and/or processes.

  • Cross-reference database findings with contract terms for specific clients.

  • Generate audit reports and review results with cross-functional team.

  • Interface with third party data vendors in support of reconciliation.

  • Collaborate with business users to communicate roadblocks and set appropriate expectations.

  • Ensuring product quality and timeliness of work, providing advice and guidance, resolving problems to meet objectives, and providing periodic performance reports

  • Document findings clearly and concisely.

  • Use project management platforms like Asana to capture progress and roadblocks.

  • Designing, developing and implementing custom software and database application capabilities for a variety of legacy and modernized systems with limited oversight

  • Acts as a member of a product team supporting teammates and collaborating with a “do what it takes attitude” to ensure product and team success

  • Provide significant improvements to the product(s) being supported

  • Provide input on best practices and procedures


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or related field

  • 2+ years of experience with Oracle’s PL/SQL

  • Experience with dimensional models

  • Must perform well in high-energy, dynamic and team-oriented environments

  • Effective organization and time management skills with the ability to work under pressure

  • Effective ability to establish working relationships with individuals at varying levels within the organization

  • Healthcare and HIPAA knowledge is a MUST