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GIS Analyst at Lynker (Charleston, SC)


Full Time

Lynker Technologies is searching for a talented Geospatial Analyst to support National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Office for Coastal Management. This exceptional individual will provide geospatial data processing, analysis, and technical support for the project. This position is located in Charleston, SC.
The successful candidate will serve as a Data Analyst for assisting in the development, maintenance, and integration of new and/or updated data for the web site. The position works with a team responsible for data published on the site and its associated applications (National Viewer, ESPIS, OceanReports).  The position helps ensure the data are published in a timely manner and functioning properly. 
Core responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the list below:

  • Participate in a small team of data stewards and perform data development, quality assurance and quality control on various data products

  • Research, acquire, and develop original and value-added data through internal and external collaboration and use standard operating procedures and guidance documents

  • Support public data releases at least every other month.  This may include new data, data updates, and service changes to improve the function of the National Viewer, Data Registry, and the OceanReports applications. This will involve authoring and publishing metadata to the NOS metadata repository

  • Follow, maintain, and when necessary create new geospatial data standard operating procedures

  • Troubleshoot user and application issues discovered on the site and when needed, coordinate the resolution of these issues with IT, Data Engineers (DBAs), or application developers

  • Serve as a geospatial data subject expert and/or liaison for select data sets as needed. This includes: reviewing partner-generated data for completeness and quality, creating, reviewing and maintaining metadata, developing contextual information as needed, and updating the data liaison and change log records

  • Respond to client needs and requirements as directed by the team. Communicate requirements to the project and application development teams

  • Respond to internal and public geospatial technical assistance requests and create information or instructional material for technical or policy focused audiences.

Required Qualifications:

  • Master's degree in geography, remote sensing, GIS, or a related field plus four years of geospatial experience using Esri and open source tools

  • Experience working with complex data development efforts, and working with application designers and developers

  • Ability to design and implement effective data quality assurance processes, data optimization, and documentation procedures

  • Experience and knowledge of map service types and publishing and optimizing the performance of map services

  • Ability to work on a team that is diverse both geographically and in content expertise

  • Demonstrated ability to build relationships with management, colleagues, and external partners

  • Strong communication and organizational skills and excellent interpersonal skills

  • Self-starter with ability to work in a small team environment without direct day-to-day supervision

  • Ability to follow standard operating procedures and guidance documentation

  • Ability to pass a National Agency Check (NACI).

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with migrating to new versions of Esri software

  • Experience in and/or knowledge in the realm of Esri’s Portal for ArcServer / Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, and ArcPro

  • Experience with open source GIS tools

  • Experience publishing map services in Azure Cloud

  • Experience processing geospatial data in Azure Cloud

  • Experience with VPN and Remote Desktop

  • Experience in python coding

  • Knowledge of offshore marine planning

  • Experience working with state and federal agencies, tribes, academia, and nongovernmental organizations

  • QGIS and GDAL open source software experience for backend database support.