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Software Developer ArcGIS Enterprise at Esri (Redlands, CA)


Full Time

Would you like to help build data access technologies that allow server, desktop, and mobile applications to work with a rich spatial information model that includes features, relationships, networks, and topologies? Are you interested in developing an infrastructure for NoSQL databases that support high availability and disaster recovery? Join our enterprise DBMS geodata management development team and work on aggressive projects involving massive datasets, scalability, and a diverse computational platform.


  • Work on building ArcGIS core technology that adds complex transactional behavior, provides DBMS neutral data access, and adds spatial data type to DBMS systems

  • Develop technology that provides highly available data store infrastructure as well as disaster recovery capability 

  • Build software components that follow industry-standard modern design patterns, development methodologies, and deployment models

  • Interact with other team members to develop robust software frameworks and solutions


  • 1+ years of programming experience in Java or C++

  • Familiarity with SQL

  • Knowledge of relational database technologies such as Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite, or Postgres

  • Familiarity with spatio-temporal data concepts and techniques

  • Good understanding of RDBMS system concepts and willingness to learn new technologies in fast evolving database trends

  • Desire and ability to research, design, author, test, debug, and profile source code

  • Good written and verbal communication skills

  • Bachelor’s or master’s in computer science, engineering, or related field, depending on position level 

Recommended Qualifications: 

  • Windows/Linux programming skills including .NET and Visual Studio

  • Understanding of cloud computing platforms and database services such as Amazon’s Relational Database Service and Azure SQL Database

  • Previous involvement in a large software development project

  • Academic training in GIS and/or knowledge of GIS/Esri software