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Software Developer ArcGIS Workflow Manager at Esri (Redlands, CA)


Full Time

We are actively recruiting for this position.

As the situation surrounding the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to evolve, Esri is supporting our users and the community at large with software, services, and materials that are helping people understand, manage, and communicate the impact of the outbreak. Visit our COVID-19 Maps, Resources, and Insights page to see some of the things we are doing.

You are skilled in breaking down complex problems into logical ordered pieces and seeing relationships between technology and data that others don’t. You want to help people do their best work and make impactful contributions to their organizations every day. Come join a dynamic and fun team of engineers collaborating to build capabilities that support our mission of helping everyone work smarter, not harder.

We develop ArcGIS Workflow Manager, Esri’s premiere solution for scalable work and productivity tools across the ArcGIS platform. We empower organizations to centralize their business process and automate manual tasks in GIS and non-GIS work to save time and increase production efficiency.


  • Develop modern server applications that power workflow management solutions

  • Design and build software components that run seamlessly on-premise and on cloud platforms

  • Work collaboratively with other team members in an Agile software development environment

  • Demonstrate latest product capabilities to stakeholders, prospects, and customers

  • Join forces with developers on software project teams to build robust, high-quality, and scalable software

  • Use your knowledge of software design to contribute to the user experience and architecture of Esri products


  • 2+ years of experience in software development, with strong competencies in data structures, patterns, and design

  • Object-oriented programming experience in Java and/or Scala

  • Good understanding of asynchronous programming techniques in Java and/or Scala

  • Knowledge of desktop application development with C# and WPF

  • Working knowledge of a source control and issue management system, preferably GitHub

  • Bachelor’s or higher in computer science, computer engineering, or data science, depending on position level

Recommended Qualifications:

  • Strong understanding of and experience with application container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes

  • Experience with Play Framework and Akka Actor systems

  • Experience with the ArcObjects SDK

  • Experience with C++ development, particularly using Microsoft COM

  • Familiarity with the ArcGIS API for Python

  • Familiarity with Esri ArcGIS or other web mapping technologies