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Remote iOS Software Engineering Internship


Software Engineer Internship

About Dwelo

Dwelo is making spaces where humans live and work programmable. Our software, hardware and service platform powers smart apartment communities, benefiting residents and simultaneously improving the efficiency of property operations. Dwelo smart apartments are online in over 30k apartments in over 10 states, enabled by over half a million devices and processes millions of sensor events every day. Dwelo is the future of how people will live and work in apartments.

To learn about Dwelo engineering, check out our engineering blog!
What Makes Us Unique

As a software engineer intern, you will gain exposure to a wide ranging and cutting edge technical stack. You will be working in frameworks and languages that are highly sought after and work on a system that is highly scaled across hardware and software. Our backend services are in Rust and Python 3, and our deployment and build frameworks are containerized and served over EKS, and we use Balena for IoT fleet management.

Dwelo R&D is based in Draper, UT with a half distributed team. Its engineering team has technical leads from all industries and locations, including San Francisco, San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Portland

Dwelo has had years of experiencing working remotely which has been uniquely beneficial in this time. You will learn a lot about how to work effectively as a distributed employee and join a high functioning team

Dwelo will teach you how to think about interconnected hardware and software products, which also means how to program and build for internet and non-internet connected protocols

As an intern, you will have two very experienced mentors— your senior software engineer technical partner, and the CTO (MIT'09, Course 18C and 21M)

Summer 2020

Internship parameters: Start date of June 15th, 10 - 12 week internship, and paid at 1K per week.
Mobile - iOS (Swift)

You will help design and build Dwelo's next generation mobile interface for residents. Your work will be in the hands of over 50k residents over the next year, providing a faster and smarter device control experience. You will be programming in Swift on top of frameworks like Realm and Rx which is state of the art of data abstraction and functional type data handling.

Requirements: Swift, Apple Macbook, and iOS device.

Nice to haves: Material Design, Reactive, Realm

A Day in the Life

New Feature Development: Build, test, and iterate on new capabilities for the Dwelo product.
Automated Unit Testing: Write and execute unit tests that validate code before it goes out the door.
Defect Mitigation: Address defects that arise in parts of the feature in which you have been working.


You are current enrolled in a Computer Science related program OR have experience programming through disciplines such as economics, mathematics, physics, biology, or chemistry
You have experience building features relevant to your part of the stack through academic or personal projects
You are fluent in at least two programming languages (preferably at least one that is strongly typed).
You are genuinely passionate about technology. Maybe that comes in the form of keeping up to date with programming language and framework developers. Or maybe you have a passion project of your own, whether that comes in the form of an open source project, community involvement and mentorship, participating in meetups, or something else entirely.

Success Characteristics

Feature Expert : Deeply understand the end to end lifecycle (implementation to release) of features that you build. Able to identify when to ask for help and collaborate on deployment cycles.
Peer Enabler : Has a team-first mentality when working with other members. Is genuinely interested in launching the best product possible and helping others around them do so. Has a strong rapport with members of the R&D team..
Exemplifies the Dwelo Values as reported by peers (see below)

Value Based Drivers

Internalizing and improving upon constructive feedback from your peers and manager ( Growth Mindset )
Finding a defect in your area of ownership and raising it with the necessary parties (QA, Product, and other engineers) who can pitch in to solve and validate it ( Ownership, Inclusion, Bias towards Communication)pho
Holding early and often demos and explainers for your work, including outside of R&D ( Inclusion )
Helping to make sure the entire development function (testing, product, and marketing) is involved early on in decision making processes. Raising your hand when it seems that is missing. ( Inclusion )
Displaying a willingness to learn new languages, skills, or frameworks. Seeing and encouraging that ability in others as well ( Growth Mindset )
Communicating early and often about feedback for process or other people in a constructive manner ( Bias towards Communication )