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Big Data Lab Assistant (internship)


Customer Support Internship

公司(E-verify企业)位于美国硅谷San Jose。开发了具有硅谷人工智能课程(Big Data, Blockchain, Deep Learning)、硅谷自营销课程(Self Marketing),同时提供企业级IT服务以及国际游学服务。

二,实习项目: 智能比价系统

智能比价系统是大数据时代消费者管理的智能辅助系统。其主要包括:智能商品搜索,比价,代理匹配,及代购系统等。 用selenium, 从商业网站scrape获得商品标准信息(品名,尺寸,图像,标准价/折扣价,类似商 品及价格,用户review and sale rankings),提供用户购买决策信息。存入后台数据库系统,定时驱动网路爬虫搜索商品最新价格,与用户目标价格匹配。如果匹配成功,通知用户(email, text message, etc.),提高客户消费的满意度。


2 ) 负责大数据新技术学习、实战项目开发、应用技术研究以及为客户提供IT服务

所有实习生需参加统一的培训项目,支持OPT/CPT, 优秀者可支持H1B。


Who We Are?

Our company based in San Jose, silicon valley, is dedicated to found University of San Jose. We developed silicon valley Artificial Intelligence courses (Big Data, Blockchain, Deep Learning), silicon valley self-marketing courses (Self Marketing), provide services for IT enterprise and international visitors.

What We Do?

Intelligent price compare system

Intelligent price compare system is an intelligent assistant system for consumer management in the era of big data. It mainly includes: intelligent commodity search, price comparison, agent matching, and third party purchase system. Using selenium, from a commercial website “scrape” to obtain standard information about a commodity (item name, size, image, and standard price/discount price, similar to products and prices, and user review and sale rankings) and provide users with information about purchasing decisions. Save it into the background database system, drive the web crawler to search the latest regular price of commodities, and match the target price of users. If the match is successful, notify the user (email, text message, etc.) to improve customer satisfaction.

Who Are We Looking For?

1) Bachelor degree or above, major in business or computer science is preferred, relevant major may also apply;

2) Relevant working experience is preferred;

3) Responsible for learning new technology of big data, practical project development, application technology research and providing IT services for customers.

All interns need to participate in a unified training program, support OPT/CPT, excellent candidates can support H1B.

Welcome young associates who have the enthusiasm, and the idea to stand hard work to join us to release the youth power together.

职位类型:全职, 实习生

薪资:$50,000.00 - $60,000.00 /年


  • 本科/学士 (最低要求)


  • San Jose, CA 95112 (优先考虑)


  • English, Mandarin (优先考虑)