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We are excited of your interest toward the Perioperative Nurse Internship Program!
The Perioperative OR (operating room) Nurse Internship program-Summer 2020 is projected to begin July 20, 2020. Qualified applicants will be emailed an application packet for completion within 72 business hours. Packet return deadline is April 6, 2020.

Opportunities in Adult OR's, dependent upon open position availability.
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Job Description: Perioperative Nurse Internship Program

The Nurse Intern will remain in an Intern Nurse status until such time that he/she successfully passes the Perioperative Internship mandatory requirements including:
  • Successful completion of the AORN Periop 101 final exam with a minimum average of 80% within two attempts.
  • Successful completion of lab skills check offs with a passing score of 90%.
  • Successful completion of a scrub skills check-off test with a passing score of 90%.
  • Successful completion of all service line orientation as evidenced by direct observations and documentation.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
Planning and managing care.
Practice adheres to specialty and organizational standards.
Addresses patient safety needs
Applies age specific/cultural considerations to care of patient.
Organizes and triages patient care - timely, accurate, and acuity determination.
Participates in the scheduled facilitated Nurse Intern sessions.
Manages patient flow for maximum efficiency and notifies internal resources of changes
Appropriately communicates changes in patient condition.
Takes on additional clinical responsibilities and/or assists others.
Organizes work and manages changes in work demands for effective use of time.
Delegates to staff appropriately, with consideration for other team members' workload.
Patients and families are satisfied with the care this nurse has given.

Manages complex clinical situations.
Continuum of Care Planning.
Identifies discharge/transfer needs and initiates plan for movement to next level of care.
Uses internal & external referrals & resources that support patients/families through continuum of care.
Initiates change in plan for next level of care in unexpected, changing and complex situations.
Acts to resolve systems breakdowns, knowledge, and behavior issues that impact continuum of care needs.
Patient and Family Education.
Incorporates a variety of resources to teach and support patient and family learning
Individualizes patient/family education for complex patients/families
Led in development/revision/use of teaching tools/aids for specific population within the last year.

Problem Solving.
Identifies and takes action to resolve patient safety related problems and other clinical issues.
Identifies and takes action to resolve systems (operational/workarounds) problems.
Follows appropriate chain of command when problem solving.
Actively participates in team/group problem solving.
Uses interdisciplinary approach to lead others in problem solving projects and evaluates outcomes using data.
Positively supports change.
Is a consultant to manager (ex: clinical, proposed changes, dept enhancements).

Communication and Collaboration.
Personal behavior positively influences environment and others (may include attendance, tardiness, team support).
Participates in rounds with HCT.
Effectively communicates and collaborates with patients, families, and other HCT members
Effectively communicates and collaborates with staff and other HCT members.
Communicates positively and constructively in stressful situations.
Provides accurate and objective feedback in a respectful and professional manner while maintaining confidentiality.
Completes assigned evaluation tools within designated timeframe
Receives peer feedback in a respectful and professional manner.
Participates directly in and/or supports orientation of new staff.
Facilitates internal and/or external customer satisfaction.

Continuous Learning
Provide to manager evidence of self- educational activities within timeframe designated by manager. *Total # of contact hours, courses taken, articles read/hours spent in self education.
Participates in quality improvement initiatives.
Participates in developing and/or revising evidence based practice guidelines.
Participates in quality improvement projects.
Leads in the development and/or revision of evidence based practice guidelines.
Participated in scholarly/professional activities in the past year.

Background screens will be performed and education will be verified prior to employment. Please be prepared to provide required information and/or documentation.
Basic Qualifications

  • No formally trained Operating Room nursing experience (or within the last 5 years)
  • BSN (required as minimal degree for external New Grads)
  • New Grads: Official transcripts with grades with a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Internal Adult Surgical Technologist New Grads follow the same application process
  • ADN or BSN for internal/external experienced RN’s
  • Current TN Registered Nurse
  • Nurse Interns are required to be licensed prior to their start date. Interns that can provide official documentation of successful NCLEX results and pending application for TN RN licensure (or a state that is part of the enhanced nurse licensure compact) will be considered eligible to start. Residents who have not yet passed the NCLEX or applied for licensure (in TN or a state that is a part of the enhanced nurse licensure compact) may be considered for a later start date pending position availability. The Adult OR Nurse Internship program is currently offered twice a year – typically in February and July.