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Software Engineer Intern

Sapient Industries

Software Engineer Internship

We’re looking for engineering students who want to get their hands dirty with a rapidly-growing, deeply technology-focused team of engineers. Our team members have tremendously diverse backgrounds ranging from PhDs in particle physics to decades of product development for Apple. You will be surrounded by individuals who live to learn and improve themselves as high-performing, highly-skilled engineers.

What you'll do:

  • Have fun and be yourself
  • Build, maintain, fix, test, and support an enterprise-scale software product
  • Understand various aspects of the stack – serverless functions, data processing, machine learning, quality assurance, and multiple database technologies
  • Get your hands dirty on a real, deployed machine learning application stack
  • Follow your natural curiosity to research and learn technologies and techniques that will make our product better

Skills and requirements

  • You understand and care about the principles of software craftsmanship
  • (Python or JavaScript) and (some familiarity with relational databases)
  • 2+ years of software courses or the equivalent level of experience. No formal courses are required. If you enjoy coding and you're good at it, that's all that matters.

Other stuff

Nice to have, but not required. We have no required reading, but if you want to come prepared to hit the ground running, you should read up on these technologies and play around with them a bit.

  • You built something that included Machine Learning
  • AWS: S3, Sagemaker, Lambda
  • Relational databases