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Full Stack Web Developer - Internship


Software Engineer Internship

s below that when we say “experience,” we mean it very broadly — if you’ve turned in a few homework assignments relating to the item in question, that counts.

People who succeed in this position are…

  • Team oriented and ready to work closely with other developers
  • Determined to produce clean, well-tested code
  • Comfortable with working in rapid development cycles
  • Skilled oral and written communicators
  • Enthusiastic for learning and pushing the envelope

Candidates must have…

  • Experience with the front-end basics: HTML5, CSS3, and JS
  • Experience using a version control system

Great candidates also have…

  • Experience with a particular JS MV* framework (we happen to use React)
  • Experience with git version control
  • Familiarity with microservice architecture
  • Familiarity with CSS preprocessors, e.g. LESS, SASS, Stylus
  • Experience with relational databases

Emsi is an equal opportunity employer.