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Summer 2020: Software Engineer Intern (BS/MS)

Electronic Arts

Software Engineer Internship

We’re looking for a skilled Software Engineer Intern who will become part of our team for the summer and create an incredible experience for our players. We’re picturing someone who is passionate about Maxis games and is invigorated by the idea of working on a completely new game. If this sounds like you, we're looking forward to seeing your resume!

What you’ll do...

Work closely with designers and artists to design systems and make something great.

Fix tricky bugs and solve complex problems.

Proactively identify and deal with issues before they blow up.

Ideally, you'll have…

Write C/C++ code, experience in other programming languages a plus!

Passion for making and playing games, especially sand-box and simulation games.

Experience making your own game or mods.

Interested in problem solving skills in simulation games, being able to learn different gameplay systems and how they interact with each other.

Strong Communication skills

Currently working towards a math, engineering or CS Bachelor degree (enrolled during Summer 2020)