Fullstack Web Developer at PriceSenz (Broomfield, CO)


Full Time

Contract to Hire position

USC/ GC only 

Full-Stack Developer 

• Web Developer focused on full-stack development and support of internal business-owned applications. 
• Elaborates with stakeholders to understand data and presentation layer needs and identifies opportunities and solutions. 
• Works with small development team to implement Web-based solutions to make data actionable for our stakeholders. 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions): 
Under General Direction: 
• Designs, develops, tests, debugs, and documents Web applications that satisfy the requirements of one or more user areas using Visual Studio Code. 
• Provides hands-on new development as well as supports, maintains or enhances existing applications in programming languages such as C#, Angular, JavaScript, JQuery, ASP.NET Web Forms, and AJAX. 
• Develops database solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, including creating: tables, views, stored procedure, triggers, and indexes. 
• Manages assigned user-stories through to completion, tracks time, and reports progress in regular stand-up meetings. 
• Assists in the development of requirements, assessment of LOEs (Level of Effort), and communication of priorities and execution progress for moderately complex solutions. 
• Meets and elaborates with stakeholders to ensure requirements are defined and understood. 
• Communicates with users and management. 
• Trains stakeholders on standard solutions. 
• Other duties as assigned. 

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Finance, Statistics or related discipline, or an equivalent in education and experience. 

Required Qualifications & Skills: 
Minimum of 4 years of software development experience (minimum of 6 years of experience without a Bachelor's Degree with signficant skills and qualifications). 

• Interpersonal Communication - Can properly communicate with various levels of management and stakeholders. 
• Strong organizational and communication skills and ability to adapt to continually-changing priorities and aggressive project timeframes required. 
• Ability to view long-term strategic direction of development activities required. 

Technical Experience: 
• Proficient with using Microsoft Visual Studio to develop Web applications (Experience with Visual Studio Code preferred) 
• Experience with using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to develop databases 
• Experience with Microsoft ETL process 
• Solid understanding of Internet technologies (HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) 
• Experience with REST API / Web Services development 
• Understanding of Agile software development life cycle 
• Experience with version control software: Git or Microsoft TFS or SVN 
• Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office – Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, OneNote, etc. 

Programming Languages: 
• C# 
• JavaScript 
• TypeScript 
• T-SQL (Microsoft SQL Server) 
• SSIS (Microsoft SQL Server Integration Service ) 

• HTML 5 
• XML 
• .Net 4.0 or higher 
• Entity Framework (Entity Framework Core preferred) 
• Angular 6 
• React JS 
• Aurelia 
• Bootstrap 
• Node.js (and npm) 
• JQuery