Specifications Assistant - Intern Architect


Customer Support Internship

Position: Specifications Assistant
Intern Architect

About the company:

M.Thrailkill.Architect LLC is a dynamic and growing firm of eight staff providing architectural resources consultant, providing specification writing, cost estimating, product and materials research, and document review to architecture and interiors firms who demand a high level of collaborative design interaction. Our design-centric mission is to provide well-coordinated specifications and other project documentation to our clients, and involves continuous and collaborative engagement, enlivening our consulting experience and enriching the relationships we have with our clients.

All staff in our office regularly interact directly with our clients, in their offices, providing access and exposure to regional and world class design firms at all stages of the documentation process. We make it our mission to produce project documents that are aligned with the design team’s evolving project solution, via regular meetings, collaborative tools, and an internally supported, broad database of past and present work. Our goal is to continuously improve a cohesive and enlivened inner-office environment, while providing challenging and rewarding interactions outside the office to all staff.

Job Summary

Our office is seeking a highly collaborative, knowledgeable and enthusiastic Specifications
Assistant, passionate about contributing to our clients’ project teams, developing an open and engaging rapport with design teams, managing and mentoring our internal support staff, maintaining a high level of quality control and consistency in documentation approach, and acting as a strong technical resource to the rest of the office. You should be an effective communicator, a collaborative sharer, and a self- starting problem-solver. We anticipate handing to you control of client management for your projects, along with budget control and support staff use and distribution. We expect you to put best practices in place, introduce new approaches to the tasks at-hand, and set the standards for junior staff. You should be experienced and comfortable overseeing client relations for those projects assigned to you, committed to collaboration with the other specifiers and support staff, and on the look-out for new and better ways to serve or clients and expand the resources we develop, the services we provide and the clients we serve.

Responsibilities Include but are not limited to:

 Preparing project specifications, including:
o Attending meetings and/ or conference calls with our Architect and Interior Design clients’ project teams and reviewing documents to prepare specifications;
o Assisting with the development of industry-standard Narrative and Outline specifications from our clients’ development stage project documents;
o Assisting with the development of three-part CSI MasterFormat-basis specifications from narratives and outlines as our clients’ projects are further developed;
o Assisting with the compilation and delivery of completed project specifications as Project Manuals, coordinated and on-time, including the incorporation of the projects’ consultants’ specifications and owners’ documents and requirements.

 Assisting with the review of our clients’ project drawings and other associated documents to coordinate product and material requirements, annotations and acronyms, and bidding requirements, including the incorporation of client-specific standards where they apply.

 Assisting with the maintenance and enhancement of the Company’s baseline specifications in coordination with the rest of our staff, including:
o Sharing the Company’s workload with our other specification writers and support staff to get our work done efficiently;
o Reaching out to manufacturers’ representatives to understand evolving construction materials, products and standards;
o Developing and maintaining awareness of various jurisdictions’ current codes and standards for the locations where our clients’ projects will be constructed;
o Working with our staff to achieve equitable agreements without comprising important principles.

 Assisting with the maintenance and enhancement of the Company’s relationship with our clients and professional colleagues, including:
o Awareness about product development, new materials and construction methods, building code and standards, industry trends and the evolution of best practices, and conveying that knowledge with our clients and colleagues when appropriate;
o Awareness of our clients’ project teams’ issues related to the use and installation of building materials and products that arise during design and construction, including connecting them to useful resources and providing knowledge;
o Awareness of and assisting with quality control and quality assurance processes, both internally and with our clients.

 Work Experience:
o A minimum of two (2) years of experience working within an architectural or interior design office environment is required; four (4) years of experience is preferred;
o A working knowledge of specifications structure and language is preferred;
o Previous design team experience with medium- and large-scale ( >$5 million construction cost), mixed-use, higher education, institutional or government projects is preferred;
o Previous client engagement experience in communication and interaction with project clients and owners is desired.

 Education and Profession:
o A minimum of Bachelor's of Arts or Science degree in Architecture (BA or BS in Architecture) is preferred; a Bachelor's or Master’s of Architecture (BArch or MArch) is desired;
o Professional registration as an Architect is desired; o CDT or higher CSI certification is desired. o Active involvement with local CSI and/ or AIA chapter is encouraged;
o Working knowledge of CSI principles, standards, and supporting documents, AIA contract documents, and building codes and materials and construction standards is preferred.

 Proficiency utilizing Microsoft Office Suite applications is required, including:
o Regular use and knowledge of Word and Excel consistent with four (4) years of experience is required.
o Regular use and knowledge of Outlook consistent with two (2) years of experience is required.

 Proficiency utilizing file server tools and applications is required, including:
o Regular use and knowledge of Microsoft Explorer consistent with four (4) years of experience is required.
o Regular use and knowledge of common server-based file management activities, including saving, copying, moving, compressing and deleting without unintended consequences, consistent with four (4) years of experience is required.

 Proficiency utilizing file mark-up and comment-tracking software for reviewing mark-ups, including participation with and tracking the status of comments and responses from others, is required, including:
o Regular use and knowledge of Adobe Acrobat Pro consistent with two (2) years of experience is required.
o Regular use and knowledge of Bluebeam Revu consistent with two (2) years of experience is preferred.

 Proficiency utilizing common online collaboration applications, such as Newforma and SmartSheet, as well as common online file sharing applications, such as Box, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc., is preferred;

 Proficiency utilizing e-SPECS Designer and/ or BSD SpecLInk is desired, including:
o Understanding of database functions and control;
o Understanding of basic and advanced editing functions;
o Understanding of creating new sections, importing external sections and exporting sections;
o Understanding of options, features, report creation, project comparisons, and baseline management.

 Proficiency in the following daily or regular Company activities and behaviors:
o Familiarity in organizing project schedules and deliverables to produce on-time, complete and coordinated project documents;
o Ability to work independently as well as within a team, including willingness to develop leadership capabilities for growth;
o Familiarity in organizing and conducting client and project management meetings; o Familiarity in presenting to small- and mid-sized audience groups (five to twenty participants);

 Demonstration of the following motivations is expected in our Company environment:
o Commitment to exercise prudent and ethical decision-making and use of good judgment;
o Commitment to being a self-starter and an effective problem solver;
o Commitment to working within a team-based structure, with attention to and respect for the ideas and opinions of others, in our interactions with our colleagues and collaborators, both within our office and in the offices of our clients.

Compensation and Benefits
 Salaried position; $35,000 to $45,000 per year, based on experience and tenure, with annual bonus potential;

 Employee health insurance for medical, dental and vision at 100% for employee and children, 50% for spouse;

 Employee long- and short-term disability insurance meeting 2/3 of salary at 100% for employee;

 Workers compensation insurance at 100% for employee;

 Retirement Plan provided as a SIMPLE IRA with up to three percent wage/ salary match;

 Paid time-off at five days per year;

 Paid Holidays at ten days per year;

 Paid Vacation days starting at five days per year (first three years, increasing five days each three years);

 Family and Pregnancy Leave meeting federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for firms over 50 staff;

 Volunteer opportunities compensated for up to 20 hours per year;
 Community and Educational Participation opportunities compensated for up to 20 hours per year;
 Jury Duty compensated for up to five days per year;
 Professional licensure fees for architecture and interior design;
 Professional membership fees for American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Construction Specifications Institute (CSI);

 Knowledge, Participation, Professional Development and Education activities supported, including: o NCARB record fees, Architectural Experience Program (AXP) fees, enrollment and support;
o Architect Registration Examination (ARE) training and testing fees;
o Construction Documents Technology (CDT) certification training and testing fees;
o Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification training and testing fees.

Application Requirements

If this role appeals to you, and you feel you possess the qualities, skills and capabilities listed herein, we encourage you to send an email to the contact info provided in this posting.

Include M.Thrailkill.Architect - Specifications Assistant in the subject line and attached portable document format (PDF) files of the following:
 Cover Letter
 Resume/ Curriculum Vitae
 Portfolio/ Project List

 Employment Type: Full-time (40 hours per week, with possible overtime).
 Payroll Basis: Hourly wage basis with overtime for first year, with potential of conversion to salaried basis after first year; payroll processed monthly.
 Experience Requirements: Refer to Qualifications articles above.
 Education Requirements: Refer to Qualifications articles above.
 Professional Requirements: Refer to Qualifications articles above.
 Skill Requirements: Refer to Proficiencies articles above.

All qualified applicants will receive equal consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $35,000.00 to $45,000.00 /year

Additional Compensation:

  • Bonuses

Work Location:

  • One location


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance