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Public Relations Intern


Marketing Internship

Creative, social media and communication agency NEWHOUSE - - is looking for qualified students in the LA area to apply to the Public Relations internship position for the Spring 2020 Semester.

Main daily tasks:

  • Creating daily press breaks for multiple clients
  • Creating daily trailer and teaser debut emails to send to our major film studio clients
  • Updating key ticketing and portal sites for theatrical film releases
  • Updating social influencers target lists
  • Pitching regional media in select markets and securing tour press for music clients
  • Creating tour documents and guest list documents for music clients
  • Updating weekly status reports for all clients
  • Creating targeted media lists with team direction
  • Providing sites’ UVMs and social stats when needed
  • Depending on skill set – drafting press releases and pitches

What we teach:

  • Encouragement and Creativity. We sharpen professional skills with a hands on internship experience, which includes strengthening their communication with internal teams, strategy and creative thinking, writing skills, and time management.
  • Industry Knowledge. We provide a wealth of knowledge within the film, music and brand industries and the who’s who in the media since we work with TOP clients.
  • Industry Skills. We show interns how to use key industry standard PR platforms like Cision, Similar Web, and Constant Contact.


  • Must be able to receive college credit as this is an unpaid internship
  • Must have interest in working in PR or Communications fields
  • Must be able to come to the LA office 2-3 days of the week in a row if possible
  • Must be a quick learner, team player and collaborative worker

Job Type: Internship

Internship Compensation:

  • College Credit