Jr. Business Intelligence Developer

Foodservice Retailer

Software Engineer Full Time

Company Profile

We are a growing food service wholesaler that has been around for 25+ years. Looking for a new team member that will be responsible for data related tasks that will help the company improve and grow. This is a rare and unique position as the opportunity is to be a part of a high tech digital platforms.

Must Have Requirements

-Intermediate to Advanced SQL Querying skills. Preferably PostgreSQL, MySql, or Microsoft T-SQL

-General level of Python coding skills for misc automation tasks and script.

-Experience querying data from ERP systems to Business Intelligence Dashboards whether it's customized or using a commercial platform such as Tableau, PowerBI, Domo, Yellowfin, or Salesforce. Must demonstrate a use of mid level to complex queries.

-Restful API or XMLRPC API experience

Optional Pluses

-Ability to Webcrawl results from the web to be able to integrate with the above Business Intelligence solution.

-Demonstrating any experiences working with a eCommerce backend to do data querying related tasks.


Equal Opportunity Employer

Sponsorships Currently Accepted

Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Full-time


  • SQL QUERYING: 2 years (Required)