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Electrical Engineer - Intern

Anduril Industries

Electrical Engineering Internship


  • Prior internship experience in electrical engineering
  • Currently enrolled in an undergrad electrical engineering program
  • Board-level design
  • Electrical troubleshooting and rework
  • Exposure to Wireless comms (Bluetooth LE, 3G/4G LTE, WiFi, IEEE 802.15.4, LoRa, etc.)
  • Mixed-signal embedded systems
  • Low-level firmware development for bring-up and test
  • Low-power circuit design
  • Experience designing products for high-volume manufacturing with a focus on production facilities in the US and Asia
  • Enthusiastic about both advising others and executing work individually
  • Comfortable with a variety of CAD tools (Altium preferred, Eagle and others acceptable)
  • Power circuit design for motors and batteries
  • Experience designing boards with challenging physical constraints
  • Comfortable working collaboratively with revision control systems (such as git)
This position supports United States federal, state, and local government agency customers and may involve access to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), Covered Defense Information (CDI), and other technology, software, and information subject to export controls. Therefore, this position may require status as a “U.S. Person” as defined under government regulations or a Non-U.S. Person who is eligible to obtain required export authorization. If an export license or other authorization is required, Anduril reserves the right not to seek such a license for the applicant. Applicants will be required to submit appropriate documentation that verifies their eligibility under these standards.