Test Engineering (Data Analysis) Intern

SK Hynix Memory Solutions America Inc.

Quality Assurance Internship

Intern Responsibilities:

1. Working with Test Engineering team to standardize the test constructs on Numbering scheme and Naming scheme.
2. Working with Test team to standardize the Test limits and units as much as possible for each generation SoC.
a. Drafting test limits and respective units.
b. In case of any limits not possible to finalize, providing test limits units recommendations.
3. Generating all necessary documentation.
4. Generating mapping files between the different test program datalog formats, including STFD and ASCII.
5. Writing Python test scripts for conversion of datalog files from STDF formats to CSV formats.
6. Working with Reliability Engineering team to understand the best data formats to use with JMP statistical analysis software tool.
7. Supporting datalog collection activities with Test engineer.
8. Supporting data analysis of datalogs collected with Reliability engineer.
9. Exciting research opportunity to be offered on test engineering transistor testing parameters and some other various but related topics, and chance of becoming a proficient user of JMP software.


1. Bachelor's degree or higher in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science field.
2. Good knowledge of mathematics, analysis, software and basic hardware related understanding.
3. Good team player with solid interpersonal skills.
4. Good verbal and written communication skills.
5. Good problem-solving skills.